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Tuscan Room
Our Tuscan room offers a private dinner or cocktail party perfect for up to 44. Equipped with a full martini, wine & espresso bar. Other spaces are also available.

This is one of my fondest memories of the woodstock film. It was one of the performances that compelled me to sing. I envisioned losing myself in the music, wanting to actually feel what it may have been like to perform on that exalted stage…. I once hired a woman because she went. I was enamored. I wanted all the details. Here is an interesting link on the very subject from a guy whose work is amazing. There’s more to us than we know.

Woodstock’s 40 year wave

Music has always held a large part of me. All my life, my own timeline I could easily narrate to a sound track. I’ll spare you the “high fidelity” run down. It was a natural that I’d end up in the music business. I’m glad I am. I’m proud of us. We at Sully’s are honored to stand in the trenches of the industry. Grass roots is where most acts start. There has to be somewhere people can play their own music. The artists are music’s future. As of right now in our downloaded society there is not much room for prosperity. It can’t be totally free. Support whom you enjoy so they may be able to keep making music. We should all be much more supportive of the arts. If music ceased to be viable we would hurt our own evolution as people. Buy a disk at a show you like. Buy one online. Go to your local events, music bars, concerts, any time you can. The music needs you and you need it!
Love & Inspiration

It has been painfully obvious that I need to update the pictures on the Sully’s web site. Please send forth pictures of or at Sully’s
Pretty please.

For the uninformed the Wimbash is Doug Wimbish’s gift to his hometown. A labor of love to you all. Some amazing, innovative and world renowned musicians come to give Hartford the gift of music. Living Colour has agreed to grace our presence with a set. Do not miss!

Living Colour
Head>>Fake (Will Calhoun + Doug Wimbish)
Red Lotus-NYC
Coulon (featuring Rozz Nash)
Jeremiah Hosea
Earth Driver
Adam Falcon
Grind City-Philly
Alixa+Naima “Climbing PoeTree”
Music Director: Dave Hogerty
Doors Open at 4pm-

It's coming!

It's coming

We want your event here!

We want your event here!

Here we are in the midst of a late March arctic blast, what better way to clear the ice than to fix your eyes on a warm sunny day. Have your next event here. Lena’s & Sully’s offers a great place for a celebration of all kinds. Our unique facility is equipped to make you forget where you are and transform you to another place in your mind. We can do many a theme- Luau, Mariachi, Cocktail, Charity. You name it we can do it from 8-208. Please do come in and visit. Menus are made to perfectly fit each theme party. Of course we always have a tasty pizza pie as well. Wash that down with a cold beer or tropical beverage. The schedule is filling so make that call. Your also welcome to stop in and enjoy the sun or stars anytime.
Peace & Love

It’s time for us all to hit the reset button in all our endeavors. Take inventory of what you actually do have………. And appreciate it!
Notice the life that you do have. Nurture it!

He who dies with the most toys credo of the eighties (my formative years) it’s crap! Bigger house, bigger rooms, your family is just further apart.

Love your family and friends with all you have.

The ultimate test for us all is to live life we’re destined to live. Knowing destiny is an ocean of possibilities. Carpe Diem. Building one good day after another reaps it’s just rewards. Live free of the fear that’s hammered into our conscious by the powers that be. More, more, more. Spend, spend, spend. Yada, yada, yada. Go see a show, have a nice dinner and laugh. Listen to music. Dance. Jam! Sing karaoke….. You get my drift. Most of all LOVE!

Feed the spirit not the system!

Here’s our news. Murder, rape, torture, robbery, assault………Bailouts for billionaires- the bill to the working class suckers. There’s a good reason we’re shell shocked with fear.When are we going to realize what really counts is who we are and what we think into being. That’s what the whole “Law Of Attraction” thing really is. As Edgar Cayce said in trance-


I happen to be from the school of learning from the obstacles put in my path. It takes time for most to set in. Learning the lessons reaps wisdom earned through the knowledge of the experience. Filtered by the psyche……..Life is a trail of experiences we download into the IT. You write your own story. Period!

Maybe the world is learning hard lessons in these times of struggle for all. A cosmic lesson on a grand scale leading to…..Self evaluation.
Self evaluation is a huge thing we’re supposed to do. What side of the proverbial ball is your life path on? I have heard an average life lived in our rat race spiritually evolves only 6 months! Evolve spiritually 6 months? In a lifetime?

Hopefully by the grace invested in my own life. By the deeds done. That I may have a wonderful experience viewing my own film in the afterlife.

Be kind to ourselves. Practice patience and acceptance. Fact is most people treat the self horribly. Too many, including yours truly. Be your own Budda.
Meditate to slow down. Meditate on your ideals. Meditate to get to know yourself. Meditate. Daily. There’s really only one of us here.

Darrell Sullivan

Is anyone out there, I’ve never blogged before I think I may be too old. I will try anyway get back to me if you have any comments on blogging!

Who will be on this stage in 2009!?

Who will be on this stage in 2009!?

A snapshot from my wedding

A snapshot from my wedding

Mike Peters has passed 1948-2009. He was 60. One of the funniest men I have ever been around. His passion for the good life was infectious. A laugh was a guarantee in his presence. Many were drawn to this man for that and many other reasons. He was a pide piper for his peers. His spirit will be sorely missed.  

Many stories should be written about his exploits. Hopefully someone will write a tale or two. I will share some I will never forget.

Mike was sitting in his kitchen having dinner with his wife one day while he was still mayor of Hartford. A call comes in on his private house line. Mike answers. A woman on the other end is frantic. 

“Aliens have landed on south street” she screams. Puzzled, Mike looks at his wife. She asks if there is something wrong. He replies the strange statement. She scoffs. He intently listens to the woman as his wife goes back to her dinner. Mike hangs up the phone. Takes a couple of bites, then excuses himself from the table. He sneaks outside and over to the street with a view over the valley in the direction of the strange statement. Ginette, his wife appears. ” Michael what are you doing? Your dinner is getting cold!” He replies ” What! If the aliens did land, I don’t want to be the idiot mayor who didn’t heed the call”

Now that I’m going I’ll relay another that sums up Mike even better.

Another call comes in from a woman who is frantic that her cat is stuck in a tree. Mike relays that the fire dept no longer gets involved in such things. The woman is adamant that something be done for her cat. Mike pauses. His reply.

“Lady have you ever seen a skeleton of a cat in a tree?”

“No” she replies

“rest assured your cat will find it’s way down”

Mike Peters……. You will be missed by the world. May god bless your family. I loved you!

Your humor and memory will never die.

Darrell Sullivan

This transition into winter christmas season has us all chomping at the bits for an escape. Please do us a favor and escape into some original music here at Sully’s. It is our personal mission to bring the undercurrent of independent music flowing into our humble, grass roots……..Juke joint! That’s the word that comes to mind. Probably because I’d, not so secretly, love to be a soul singer. Hopefully I already am. I’ll let the river of vibe take me to places I haven’t yet seen. Go out and do something!

Insert subliminal message – Go to Sully’s –

We must let ourselves feed our own evolutionary process. Too many times in life it’s is all too easy to give into fear and lack. It’s a trap, just sit back and breathe. Think what you want and if it’s rooted in truth and the way, it will come to pass….

No Fear!
Love out
The Sully’s & Crew

Coming Dec 6 w/ Jeff Tuohy

Val Emmich