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Tuscan Room
Our Tuscan room offers a private dinner or cocktail party perfect for up to 44. Equipped with a full martini, wine & espresso bar. Other spaces are also available.
The Rescue Plan The Rescue Plan

We the people have to pay for yet another fat cat in trouble by their own greed. This stinks! Can’t have a bank fail they say. Any CEO gonna give up his pay? Doubt it. The price tag placed on all our collective heads is staggering. The good ole U.S of A is BROKE… Bankrupt! The bills just keep piling up.

Asia has been bailing us out all over the globe because they own most of our treasury bonds. A swell as staggering amounts of US currency. I don’t know how many americans realize how little of the real news we do get. The media is bought and paid for. We’re better of finding euro news on the web. How did we get here? We were scared of all we don’t know! Educate yourselves people. Check out these sites for an eye opener, I may not agree with it all but they are very informative. TBR News , Divine Cosmos

It may be too little too late if we don’t act now!!!


Who's Drinkin?


We have a respite for your weary, dreary day……. Come drink with us. David Cain & The Neighborhood Band in the house with Poor Pluto. Should prove to be a very entertaining evening for all you revelers.



Strattledaddy Live@ Sully's 9-26

Strattledaddy Live@ Sully

StraddleDaddy’s electrified sound and energized stage show make the US deficit look like the five spot your friend has owed you since the band started lighting up small venues in 2002. Slowly evolving the bands original blend of sing-along hooks and rippin’ guitar riffs has been a mission that the band takes seriously and keeps audiences coming back for more. There are few musical acts that can hypnotize the crowds while playing at some of New England’s biggest Jam band festivals and also gain the title of Homegrown Band of the Week on WCCC, CT’s rock radio station. The release of StraddleDaddy’s second full length studio Album, Moxie on Fire, and the integration of a new beat-boxing badass bass player have made 2007 one of the bands best years so far. Watch out!!! Though the boys may be smokin’ now – the future surely holds flames for Connecticut’s Premiere Original Party Rock Outfit

Bo says support live music

Bo says support live music

Tonight in downtown Hartford is one of the best events ever thought up by our formerly very independent rag. Nowadays big business controls the once, artistic halls of the hallowed Advocate. Luckily for us the powers that be have come back at this wonderful event with renewed vigor. Independent music needs a proving ground and this event is not to be missed. Come down and see us at Sully’s when you’ve had your fill. Viva La Hartford!

Assume the position

Assume the position

This coming election is the most important in our lifetime. America has lost its way by the treachery of greedy, power thirsty individuals that have no regard for our well being. We are in a critical point in world history. Massive debt owed by all has enslaved society into fear full submission. Cannibalistic capitalism is swallowing spirituality. The universal law of allowance is being raped. 

Balance must come from within by our individual actions, thoughts and wants. Be on the right side of the fence. Practice honor, peace and humility. Exude loving grace in your daily life and we can not go wrong. Humanity needs to graduate to the next stage of life. Expel the age old tradition of Gold Or Lead. We need to bring the U.S back into the light of the planet. I can not claim to be much more than a humble public servant but I know this.


1. Vote Obama! John McCain and the Neo-Cons must be defeated….. WWIII must not be allowed to come to fruition. I believe McCain represents the negative path of the power elite.


2. Use your pocket book to support good corporate citizens. Demand corporate greed not go unpunished. We are all global citizens! We can change the world quick. Get educated! Support local independent businesses wherever you are. 


3. Get active. Change can only happen when we actively participate. Good people need to get into politics. Our most wise should sit at the seat of government.


4. Mind is the builder! Think the change and be the change. We are not victims who are powerless! Personal intent is the essence. Feed life good energy.


5. Support the arts. It is the way we flower as humans.


6. Treat the earth and your neighbor with love and respect.


7. Love and Vote!


Peace to the world


Here mother nature please give an extended stay for the Tiki in the name of all that is fun. And let the people understand- good weather means Tiki. Repeat after me Here Tiki, tiki…Here Tiki, Tiki Tiki…. I know what your saying. It’s late september. Summer is over! Wrong! Every nice day we are here. Ready, able & willing.

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