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Tuscan Room
Our Tuscan room offers a private dinner or cocktail party perfect for up to 44. Equipped with a full martini, wine & espresso bar. Other spaces are also available.

It’s time for us all to hit the reset button in all our endeavors. Take inventory of what you actually do have………. And appreciate it!
Notice the life that you do have. Nurture it!

He who dies with the most toys credo of the eighties (my formative years) it’s crap! Bigger house, bigger rooms, your family is just further apart.

Love your family and friends with all you have.

The ultimate test for us all is to live life we’re destined to live. Knowing destiny is an ocean of possibilities. Carpe Diem. Building one good day after another reaps it’s just rewards. Live free of the fear that’s hammered into our conscious by the powers that be. More, more, more. Spend, spend, spend. Yada, yada, yada. Go see a show, have a nice dinner and laugh. Listen to music. Dance. Jam! Sing karaoke….. You get my drift. Most of all LOVE!

Feed the spirit not the system!

Here’s our news. Murder, rape, torture, robbery, assault………Bailouts for billionaires- the bill to the working class suckers. There’s a good reason we’re shell shocked with fear.When are we going to realize what really counts is who we are and what we think into being. That’s what the whole “Law Of Attraction” thing really is. As Edgar Cayce said in trance-


I happen to be from the school of learning from the obstacles put in my path. It takes time for most to set in. Learning the lessons reaps wisdom earned through the knowledge of the experience. Filtered by the psyche……..Life is a trail of experiences we download into the IT. You write your own story. Period!

Maybe the world is learning hard lessons in these times of struggle for all. A cosmic lesson on a grand scale leading to…..Self evaluation.
Self evaluation is a huge thing we’re supposed to do. What side of the proverbial ball is your life path on? I have heard an average life lived in our rat race spiritually evolves only 6 months! Evolve spiritually 6 months? In a lifetime?

Hopefully by the grace invested in my own life. By the deeds done. That I may have a wonderful experience viewing my own film in the afterlife.

Be kind to ourselves. Practice patience and acceptance. Fact is most people treat the self horribly. Too many, including yours truly. Be your own Budda.
Meditate to slow down. Meditate on your ideals. Meditate to get to know yourself. Meditate. Daily. There’s really only one of us here.

Darrell Sullivan