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Tuscan Room
Our Tuscan room offers a private dinner or cocktail party perfect for up to 44. Equipped with a full martini, wine & espresso bar. Other spaces are also available.

david wilcock

This is one of my fondest memories of the woodstock film. It was one of the performances that compelled me to sing. I envisioned losing myself in the music, wanting to actually feel what it may have been like to perform on that exalted stage…. I once hired a woman because she went. I was enamored. I wanted all the details. Here is an interesting link on the very subject from a guy whose work is amazing. There’s more to us than we know.

Woodstock’s 40 year wave

Music has always held a large part of me. All my life, my own timeline I could easily narrate to a sound track. I’ll spare you the “high fidelity” run down. It was a natural that I’d end up in the music business. I’m glad I am. I’m proud of us. We at Sully’s are honored to stand in the trenches of the industry. Grass roots is where most acts start. There has to be somewhere people can play their own music. The artists are music’s future. As of right now in our downloaded society there is not much room for prosperity. It can’t be totally free. Support whom you enjoy so they may be able to keep making music. We should all be much more supportive of the arts. If music ceased to be viable we would hurt our own evolution as people. Buy a disk at a show you like. Buy one online. Go to your local events, music bars, concerts, any time you can. The music needs you and you need it!
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