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Mike Peters

A snapshot from my wedding

A snapshot from my wedding

Mike Peters has passed 1948-2009. He was 60. One of the funniest men I have ever been around. His passion for the good life was infectious. A laugh was a guarantee in his presence. Many were drawn to this man for that and many other reasons. He was a pide piper for his peers. His spirit will be sorely missed.  

Many stories should be written about his exploits. Hopefully someone will write a tale or two. I will share some I will never forget.

Mike was sitting in his kitchen having dinner with his wife one day while he was still mayor of Hartford. A call comes in on his private house line. Mike answers. A woman on the other end is frantic. 

“Aliens have landed on south street” she screams. Puzzled, Mike looks at his wife. She asks if there is something wrong. He replies the strange statement. She scoffs. He intently listens to the woman as his wife goes back to her dinner. Mike hangs up the phone. Takes a couple of bites, then excuses himself from the table. He sneaks outside and over to the street with a view over the valley in the direction of the strange statement. Ginette, his wife appears. ” Michael what are you doing? Your dinner is getting cold!” He replies ” What! If the aliens did land, I don’t want to be the idiot mayor who didn’t heed the call”

Now that I’m going I’ll relay another that sums up Mike even better.

Another call comes in from a woman who is frantic that her cat is stuck in a tree. Mike relays that the fire dept no longer gets involved in such things. The woman is adamant that something be done for her cat. Mike pauses. His reply.

“Lady have you ever seen a skeleton of a cat in a tree?”

“No” she replies

“rest assured your cat will find it’s way down”

Mike Peters……. You will be missed by the world. May god bless your family. I loved you!

Your humor and memory will never die.

Darrell Sullivan