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I’ve voted! I’m very pleased to be done with this whole drawn out process. Hopefully Obama will win and be the president everyone who voted for him hopes he will be. It’s sad not funny that the election has taken the turn that it has. I’ve heard through the grapevine that dirty tricks are played by the GOP in many elections. Handouts that say vote on wednesday. Trickery, fraud and malice. I can attest to this firsthand. My very first presidential lawn sign (for Obama) was swiped off my lawn this week. On further review all Obama signs were stolen from the lawns of my fellow neighbors who had placed their faith in a system that should show the world the way
This is the very reason I voted no to question 1.
I know that will be abused by the special interest groups as another way to subvert a system in disarray. We must learn how to re-invent ourselves to a higher moral purpose. The good of all should come before the pockets of a few.

Special interest has gotten the better of the world. Hedonistic, cannibalistic capitalism unabated has destroyed the fabric this country was built upon. Money, money, money……..Me first, you nowhere in the equation is barbaric. Wake up and realize we need to support what is right in this world. Action speaks louder than words. DO a silent good deed whenever you can.
Peace & Love

The Rescue Plan The Rescue Plan

We the people have to pay for yet another fat cat in trouble by their own greed. This stinks! Can’t have a bank fail they say. Any CEO gonna give up his pay? Doubt it. The price tag placed on all our collective heads is staggering. The good ole U.S of A is BROKE… Bankrupt! The bills just keep piling up.

Asia has been bailing us out all over the globe because they own most of our treasury bonds. A swell as staggering amounts of US currency. I don’t know how many americans realize how little of the real news we do get. The media is bought and paid for. We’re better of finding euro news on the web. How did we get here? We were scared of all we don’t know! Educate yourselves people. Check out these sites for an eye opener, I may not agree with it all but they are very informative. TBR News , Divine Cosmos

It may be too little too late if we don’t act now!!!